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My name is Doris, 30 years old from Concord: Hope to hear from you soon. Also you should know i'm very passionate . I dont think of myself as a slut tho i am sure some people may. " i am adventurous, highly sensual .

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Gio Borelli: After being together with a German for a few years, Russian women sound very attractive to me!

Dan Arquivos: I dont think anyone would date U.S American women, they're ugly as fuck, look at you for example.

Hurikat: Hey, how about you do a You know you're dating a Paletinian Woman/Man?

Alyssa Stehle: Not just I like Russian women but I like Slavs women. Simply the best.

Idefixthecat: And the man whose name is Ahmed is from Egypt

Guy Kviat: Is my first time in the channel, and I love it. I'm a venezuelan girl dating a sirian guy. And it's so hard, because we don't even talk the same language, and about the culture, well it's a big shock sometimes, but I would'nt change a thing, I love him

Hannah Cawley: Well, obviously a Californian didn't make this. :P

Care Bear: It is really weird how Italian Italians are so much different in every way than Italian Americans.

John Dil: She's ukrainian ; but actually it doesn't matter

Somnivers: Please, can you do a video about Russian man ?pleaseeee

Trinime: You know you r dating a Greek woman when you date one of the most snob race in the planet. btw im Greek.

Just For Fun: I'd like to just point it the white guy is the one who knew every language, while all the dark people tooled around with shitty guesses. So who's the uncultured racist people now? Yeah fuck you.

MrFreeGman: Yessss finally a real french accent !

Sarah Shenkan: The singing makes it harder

Butthurt8: As an English man I can confirm almost everything mentioned is true.

Ana .xox.: Maybe you should have mentioned that Mexican women are in a snit very easily all of sudden.

Lou Leloup: Not all of Asian is Chinese. When she said goodbye, I'm sure she is not from the mainland of China

Fahmyizdin: When the russian spoke, what did the guy respond?

Gen Gula: She looks like a raccoon

Ntina Vani: She will be happy, trust me I'm Russian.

Hassan Rafi: Clearly that was Malaga. I will live there one day. Madrid is so different

Jimmie Rustle: I'm Greek and when people find out I don't like olives they always say But you're Greek, you have to eat olives! Like no.

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My name is Teresa, 31 years disintegrated from Pittsburgh: I'm looking for a partner for sentience. I am seeing for someone to teach me a new thing or two, really. I want it from a man - Sex where he actually stops when we tell him to stop. I don't store limits on myself. I am seeing for a hard up lookin man with big dick.

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Thanks for informing us on this subject! It's so easy to see it on the ballot and think condoms are good, why wouldn't this be a good idea? and have no idea how it would realistically affect people in the industry : More education!

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I'm ASD (autistic spectrum). I might have sex issues, but they're certainly not to do with what society tries to impose. I also find it weird that anyone should be affected by societal rules in the area of sex, but I suppose that's because it's only the non-autistic people (NTs or neurotypicals who 'make up all the rules in the first place.

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My Wheezy Waiter and Sexplanations fandoms just intersected and it was beautiful.В

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The problem with this questionnaire (as with most questionnaires is that they're so easy to manipulate. It is very difficult to know yourself let alone be honest when you want to be a different type than you are. I think it would improve the accuracy if lovers filled in the questionnaire about each other, though that might cause some tension lol xDВ

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If I am only attracted to skinny girls, does that mean I'm fat shaming?

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