Daddy Daughter Date Night Kearney Ne

Date Daddy Night Ne Daughter Kearney
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15th Annual Daddy Daughter Date Night in Kearney, NE, United States – SignedEvents

4 Feb Fathers and daughters will be treated like royalty next week when the North Platte Recreation Center hosts a "Daddy-Daughter Date Night." Marilee Hyde, Recreation Center superintendent said this year's theme is "Royal Ball." The Feb. 11 event is open to girls in first through fifth grades and their fathers or. Event's Details. Catered Dinner, Dancing, and Games. A night to remember for dads & daughters 1st-5th grade. Reservation deadline: Wednesday, February 7 $36 per couple, $18 additional child. Semi-Formal Attire Requested. Event's Location. Younes Conference Center Kearney NE W Talmadge Rd Kearney Daddy/Daughter Date Night. Moms and Dads can go out on a date anytime but how often does Dad get to go on a date with his little girl? The Hastings Parks & Recreation Department will provide everything needed for a perfect evening with your daughter. The event will include a catered dinner, dancing, fun activities.

Daddy Daughter Date Night Kearney Ne
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  • $36 per couple, $18 additional child. Semi-formal attire requested. A night to remember for dads and daughters. 1st-5th grade. RSVP by Wednesday, February 7. + Google Calendar+ iCal Export. Details. Date: February 16; Time: 6: 00 pm - pm. Organizer. Kearney Park & Recreation; Phone:
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Kearney, NE, United States

With our second annual Mr. Habitat competition in the books for another year, I would like to thank all those folks who make our event not just possible but such fun as well. The girls will have the opportunity to be pampered before the ball at a day spa set up in the Recreation Center's meeting room. Hyde said 12 students from Joseph's College of Beauty will be in charge of hairstyling. The "royal ball" will begin at 6: New this year, will be a dessert bar featuring red velvet cake balls, strawberry lemonade cake balls, brownie bites, giant sugar cookies and gourmet crunch delights.

Hyde said there will be a photo session following the meal and an artist will air brush heart tattoos. A deejay will lead the dance, and there will be a variety of games and chances to win prizes. There's a lot of decorating involved and the gym will be all lit up.

The Kearney Park and Recreation Department is known for putting on fabulous special events. @KearneyParknRec. 15th Annual Daddy/Daughter Date Night. Friday, February 16, from to pm at the Younes. Conference Center. Registration Deadline: . Kearney is the host city for the Nebraska Senior Games . The City of Kearney Park and Recreation Department offers a diverse selection of recreational opportunities. Department staff takes great pride in providing quality leisure time activities including some fabulous special events such as Community Olympics, Daddy/Daughter Date Night, and Heritage Day. Well over 19 Jan KEARNEY — The Kearney Park & Recreation Department is accepting reservations for the 14th-annual Daddy/Daughter Date Night.

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