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My name is Eula, 23 years old from Birmingham: I'm really into older men who are very fit and open. I want it from a man - Secluded sex where we’re free to make as much noise as we want. I am a very horny and hungry woman I'm fun, freaky and love to have oral sex. I love pale men, and yes i'm bi-curious so don't judge me or leave.

hardcore anal for Ms. Dada

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Bookofwords: I've always been a HUGE fan of the Dominican accent. All Caribbean accents are so beautiful!

Asia_04: This people are so jealous

Homam Haitham: In my country, Morocco, cheating is criminlized. There is awefully not a lot of cheating and the times i heard someone cheated on his wife is so rare that i only hear it from some headline news. It's a big deal. Not saying there isn't any cheating but it's not as much compared to others countries.

Ali BlaBlaBla: This is quite accurate. As lovely as they can be i'm convinced all Russian women (Ukrainian women etc are all crazy to varying degrees.two Russian ladies I knew agreed with this.

Solokom: Filming a YKYD Spanish woman this Sunday! Any thoughts to add before we film? Your point might appear in the video ;)

Pedee Damas: Italian men and their mothers, omg, that never changes, i speak from experience

Manio Sito: Greetings from Switzerland

Diana21692: This makes so much sense. Why my brutal honesty, forwardness and hate for small talk was appealing to you know who.

Egor Kas: I love Japanese language.3

XXMuhabXx: You guys should do one on armenian men or women

Aistt Bam: When they have a gay partner on the side.

Oybek Niyazov: Mexican and Venezuelan were my favourite

Perside Д‘: This's been an eye opening for me. duly noted: avoid turkish women.

Capbsb2003: The Czech girls had a good voice. But most of them must be actors so they got good voices. The girl from Poland is my least favorite.

Benjamin Gszy: Haha, they seem pretty down-to-earth, I like that.

Rubens Santos: Why not with a Belgian Man ?

Tosin Otitoju: Not a Chinese for sure. Now I doubt all ur videos. Horrible manarian pronunciation Can't even properly pronounce goodbye and u bet I will believe this is a Chinese? and southeast Asian looking.

Aheart4sims: Personally I hate being unpunctual so I try, and until now I have managed to be on time in everything.

Rahul Mehta: Indian woman pizzzzzzzzz.

MacHamish: Something is very off here.isn't the dude supposed to come from Montreal?and he doesn't speak FRENCH? what the fuck lol

Ariane Calado: Do you agree ?

Das Papu: Greek was okay.

Mat Weasel: As a french guy, i really can relate on this video xD

ItsAsliB: My girlfriends indian but we're in england. her parents love me for some reason but one thing that bothers me is indians and muslims giving us dirty looks, trying to physically intimidate us and rude giving comments. other than that theres no issues and her culture is near enough the same as mine and im a white guy.

Chely B: Where's the Arabic?

Alyna BACON: Cool video! That Australian girl :P

Guy 1: I get all the ladieeees! Guy 2: Alright, you fkin stunt. Guy 1: Says the Gay stud .. Guy 2: Y___Y Introduce me to some women #stud#jock#slut# popular#fetish. by Larc March 18, 6 5. Get the mug. Get a Gay Stud mug for your girlfriend Larisa. 4 Jun A feminine man or a metro-sexual man. For example a man that waxes his eyebrows, and has manicured nails (possibly with nail polish). It can also refer to a masculine female. This does not refer to one's sexual preference. 20 Nov A roommate who has flames self tattooed on his penis.

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Is there anything comparable on the female side of the gender? Traditionally, the qualities connotated to a stud were positively charged when talking about males but had a great portion of negative touch when it came to females.

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However, as the world changes and our sophistication d evolves, I wonder if there's a corresponding basis to being a stud but such that it can be applied to a woman. I have used intrepid to highlight the important parts that I think basic to be in the female statement - so we can see they are describing the same thing.

What Is A Stud Urban Dictionary
My name is Joan, 34 years full of years from Cedar Rapids: I like it rough (the harder, the better). I want it from a humankind - muscular men have an as a rule four more genital partners than their less musclular men! If you can't last move on. Especially enjoy said, giving and of course, receiving! i am looking throughout honesty (and years ago the rest wishes follow). Men appetite me.

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4 Jun A feminine man or a metro-sexual man. For example a man that waxes his eyebrows, and has manicured nails (possibly with nail polish). It can also refer to a masculine female. This does not refer to one's sexual preference. a somewhat masculine, gay woman with just a hint of a femme in her, i.e., she may look like a guy one day but look like a girl the next. she may be a bit more feminine than most studs or wear makeup. a soft stud will usually have a femme for a girlfriend but may also date another stud that is more masculine than her. A rather attractive human of the male variety. Can be described as being 'good enough to eat'.

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